Weight Loss Food for Women - 5 Weight Loss Foods to Lose Weight and Reduce Risk of Premature Death

Selecting weight loss foods for women to lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and premature death can be easy and fun for you if you use the right methods. If one of your New Year Resolutions is to improve your health and prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes in 2011 and beyond, it would be wise you explore these foods and even more.

Here's what I've got for you today. A quick and easy exploration into how some weight loss food for women can greatly reduce the risk of dying prematurely. It may interest you to know here that women who gradually develop excess weight around their waists have an increased risk of dying young.

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So, stop here a moment and measure your waist circumference. If you measure 36 inches or greater, you have an 80 percent chance of dying prematurely compared with women whose waist measure 28 inches or less.

Now, what can you do to reduce your waist circumference or more appropriately, your belly fat? There is a strong link between belly fat and the risk of high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

If you love yourself, your spouse and children, you will take immediate steps to lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and the chance of premature death. Unfortunately, some women do not love themselves!

If you truly love yourself, you will invest in educating yourself about the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight throughout the year. The good news is that there are certain weight loss food for women you can include into your diet today that can greatly help you to improve your overall health, stay in shape and ward off certain dangerous lifestyle diseases this year. These weight loss foods are readily available in most stores near you.

1. Salmon, sardines, mackerel and other oil fish.
Salmon, sardines, mackerel, fresh tuna, trout and herring are very excellent weight loss food for women. This is because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to ward off cardiovascular disea by reducing the risk of arrhythmia (which can cause sudden cardiac death, lower high triglyceride levels and the hardening of the arterial walls. They are also a good source of Vitamin D. Fish are also a good source of protein making it suitable for weight loss in women.

2. Cinnamon
Cinnamon has been shown to have positive impact on blood sugar level. It contains good amount of calcium and fiber making it very beneficial in your effort to lose weight safely and prevent diabetes.

3. Soy
Foods high in soy protein have been shown to help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Adding 25 grams of soy protein a day to your diet can reduce heart problems by decreasing cholesterol levels.

4. Green tea
Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants making it an excellent food to prevent some cancers in your body. Green tea can also help you to lose weight. If you can develop the habit of drinking up to six cups of green tea every day, you will be able to burn off belly fat in a healthy way. This is because it helps to boost your metabolism.

5. Grains
Adding grains like rye, oat and barley to your daily diet has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels. Diets that contain plenty of grains is good for your weight loss goal because they contain plenty of fiber, making them beneficial in fighting off type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Now, how do you know the best way to use the above listed weight loss food for women to get all the benefits you want?

Well, the easiest way to do it is to read some well-researched books and resources and follow the recommended meal plans. It is unrealistic to think that eating only oat or drinking just green tea is going to help you lose weight and become a healthier person. You need to eat well, stay active by engaging in activities that make you move, stop smoking and drinking in moderation. When you do these, you will experience a healthier life.

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