Fast Weight Loss - Importance of Boosting Metabolism

There are many weight loss programs and weight loss products with the goal of helping you attain fast weight loss if you are somebody that has struggled with weight issues all your life. If they do not provide ways and discuss the importance of boosting metabolism, prepare to fail. This article discusses metabolism and a few facts about metabolism to get you on the right track to achieving fast weight loss.

Fast weight loss is achieved when more calories are burned per day than the amount of calories that are consumed per day. Your metabolic rate is the amount of calories that you burn per day. Some people have a fast metabolism and may not struggle with weight as much as someone with a slow metabolism. Metabolism implies all the activity in the body including converting food into energy, creation of hormones and enzymes, muscle creation and/or repair, etc. It is affected by various factors including genes, age, lifestyle, etc.

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1. Skipping Meals or Eating Little

Most people think that if they simply stop eating, they will lose weight. What usually happens is that the body goes into starvation mode and starts storing food including fat. In addition, starvation cannot realistically be sustained in the long run in order to lose weight fast.

What also happens when this food is being stored as the body goes into starvation mode, is that metabolism is slowed down in order to allow more fat to be stored. Starving yourself or consuming low calorie products will not work in the long run to help you achieve and maintain fast weight loss. Eating frequent meals and not skipping breakfast especially, will keep your metabolism working to enable you to lose weight fast.

2. Managing Insulin Levels

When sugars and carbohydrates are consumed, the body converts them to glucose which is then released into the blood stream. The pancreas then produces insulin to remove this glucose from the blood and distribute it to the different cells in the body that need it for energy.

When there is an excess amount and consumption of foods that mainly produce energy such as carbohydrates, insulin will be secreted in greater amounts and the insulin will store the excess carbs as glycogen in the muscles, liver and circulatory system to be used as needed when blood glucose levels decrease. Any excess carbs that can not be stored as glycogen are converted into fat and then stored in the body's fatty tissues.

When the body produces excess insulin due to the heightened levels of glucose in the blood, weight problems as well as being at risk of developing chronic diseases arise. This mainly occurs because of the kind of food being eaten. Eating refined foods such as white rice and white bread do not put the metabolism to work which increases blood sugar levels.

Consuming complex carbohydrates which include none of the "white" foods and more whole grains puts the metabolism to work and reduces blood sugar levels and the need for excess amounts of insulin.

When you consume the "white" foods which lead to increased blood glucose levels, the insulin will overreact in an attempt to remove the excess glucose from the blood which leads to a drop in the blood sugar which usually causes people to feel hungry a lot quicker for more of the bad carbs leading to a repeat of this unhealthy process.

This cycle can continue until finally the body becomes insulin resistant which leads to the accumulation of insulin in the blood which is then expelled from the body through urine. This leaves the body without the the energy that it desperately needs to properly function leading to various chronic diseases and complications.

3. Physical Activity

Physical activity is required for fast weight loss that can be maintained on a long term basis. Physical activity can boost metabolism leading to more calories being burned per day and allow you to lose weight fast. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will gain weight. Simple as that unless you happen to be one of the lucky few with a hyperactive metabolic rate. If you do not incorporate physical activity into your weight loss program, you will not enjoy any of the benefits of fast weight loss that can be gotten by incorporating physical activity into your weight loss program.

In order to boost your metabolism, you should exercise for at least thirty minutes, at least three times a week and be consistent for optimal benefits that include fast weight loss.

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