Quick Weight Loss Diets, A Reality Check in 2010

The holy elusive grail of dieters is the quick weight loss diet. That special diet that helps one lose weight fast and for good. I hate to say so, but there is no miraculous instant weight loss diet trick out there. No magic diet that works wonders on shrinking our belly and waist line.

However there are real well grounded steps to take, that can speed up the process of weight loss. Read on to learn.

Eat the Right Foods as Metabolism Boosters

Have you heard of BMR or basal metabolic rate? Well if you have been doing all kinds of strange dieting, you may have slowed down your natural metabolism by as much as 30%. This happens as a result of folks eating the wrong foods with very little calories.

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First step is to go get a good BMR calculator (easily available online). Use it to find out how much calories you personally need to get through a day. It is different for different people depending on their typical daily activities. As you will expect those with physically demanding jobs need more, same goes for folks that do quite a bit of exercising. Secondly go for your calories from foods such as lean protein, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, that we call metabolism boosters. Initially you might gain some weight as your body repairs itself but after a few weeks or months of getting the appropriate amount of calories from the right foods. Your metabolism will bounce back to optimal levels and the pounds will burn off fast.

A good and possible result is that you can lose a pound a week by sticking to a balanced diet or double that to two pounds a week with exercise.

Don't Overlook Exercise

The school of quick weight loss diets -where you eat very little with no physical exercise- is old and discredited. The concept just does not work for the long haul. You can initially lose weight unhealthily and quickly, but the weight will be back as soon as you resume eating normally. Keep in mind that they are great health benefits to eating a balanced diet and exercising.

Modern experts all point us to exercise routines that comprise of cardio and strength training. Add to this, yoga for weight loss with stretches that increase your flexibility and breathing exercises that help your body relax. A good weekly 3 to 5 hours of cardio in addition to 1 to 2 hours of strength training is all you need to get significant improvements to your body shape and fitness level.

There are so many health benefits that can be gained from exercising. But I want to just point out the everyday immediate gains like your being able to sleep very soundly for a good night's rest. Wake up to an upbeat mood, feel stronger, look leaner and improve your balance. These are all the perks that quick weight loss diets cannot offer.

Off course some of the major health benefits like a healthy functioning heart and prevention from metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes are worthy of note.

Forget Starvation Diets

Famous stories of celebrities drinking only lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper to quickly lose weight for a role are plentiful. What this fasting to lose weight stories often omit is how they also quickly regained the lost weight as soon as they ended the quick weight loss diets.

Avoid these types of quick weight loss diets, at best you could wind up hungry, grouchy and tired, plus dehydrated. At worst your metabolism could be severely damaged, trust me; it is horrible to be unable to lose weight even with eating very few calories.

In Conclusion

Keep your body from the stress of starvation and quick weight loss, feed it properly, move it often and give it the water it requires to maintain a healthy weight and perform at its peak.

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