Weight Loss Insanity - You're Fat Because You Said So

Here is the golden egg to your fat loss secret...There is no secret diet, magic weight loss pill or new exercise machine. You're fat because you choose to be! Did you hear me? I will say it again..."Your Fat because you choose to be!" If you said anything but, yes then you need to punch yourself in the junk. Stop making excuses, period.

Taking off weight boils down to simple arithmetic: to lose weight, you have to put less energy in your body than your body burns up. The established way to do this is a combination of watching what you eat (to control what energy you put in) and doing exercise (to control how much you burn up).

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Medical authorities and nutritionists say that the ideal weight loss pace is about one pound a week. This is not because the experts want you to take forever to lose the amount of weight you want to lose, but because faster weight loss is usually not sustainable. If you try to lose weight faster, chances are your body will rebel and you will end up binging on food, or you will regain the weight as soon as you've lost it and there is evidence that the way they lose weight damage their health. If you're looking to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life, it makes sense to look at a program where you lose weight gradually and keep the weight off forever.

Instead of thinking about losing weight, think about achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. That way, you won't be deceived into thinking that losing weight is a temporary activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is, in fact, something that lasts a lifetime.

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