Effective Weight Loss: Are You Ready To Do Something Different This Time To Lose Weight?

You should be thinking about effective weight loss, if you have made a new year's resolution to lose weight. If you have ever resolved to lose weight before, and you are doing it again, you either did not carry through with your resolution or what you did to lose weight in the past was ineffective.

How would you feel about losing weight permanently - so that you wont have to resolve to do it again next year or ever again? This article is about effective weight loss. It is about weight loss that is lasting.

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There are some things you need to forget and some things you need to learn, if you want to achieve weight loss that is permanent.

You need to forget about fast weight loss diets. You need to forget about the latest fad diet that a friend has told you about. You need to forget all that you have heard about weight loss in the past. It doesn't work. It hasn't worked for you.

You need to learn to think about fat loss and not weight loss. They are not the same thing. When you lose fat, you lose weight. But when you lose weight, in most cases you don't lose fat. You lose something else.

When you focus on fat loss, you can achieve effective weight loss. There is only one way to lose your unwanted body fat, and keep it off, and it is not by going on a diet. It is by exercising.

You need to learn about exercise that brings about fat loss. Exercise for fat loss falls into 2 broad categories. One category is cardio vascular (cv) exercise, which is also called aerobic exercise. The other is strength training, which is also called anaerobic exercise. Both burn fat.

You are probably more familiar with cv exercise. It includes running, brisk walking, swimming, bicycle riding etc.

Strength training is most effective in bringing about fat loss, because you burn fat all day long - even when you are at rest. You lose more fat faster, when do strength training as your exercise routine.

Strength training builds muscle tissue. As muscle tissue requires more energy than other tissues, your metabolism will increase as your muscles increase. With an increase in your metabolism, will come fat burning to provide your muscles with the energy they need.

I know that strength training does not appeal to everyone. If it doesn't appeal to you, don't do it. An aerobic exercise routine will give you the fat loss that you want.

To achieve effective weight loss that is lasting, you need to become much more physically active. You will need to get your head around the idea of exercising from now on.

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