Weight Loss Is Simple Not Easy!

I wanted to look at a couple of words which I believe when used out of context can make a huge difference on how you view losing weight, changing your lifestyle, or really any other improvement you are attempting to accomplish in your life.

Simple vs. Easy.

How often have you read, or seen, an ad that said something similar to this, "Lose weight fast and easy!" Though that title is very intriguing, and definitely draws a lot of attention from people who are looking for a quick solution in order to lose weight, it is also setting people up to fail. Let me explain what I mean.

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First of all let me start by saying since the age of 9 I have been overweight. I am not just talking about chubby, nope I was the fattest kid in school from 1st grade on up! I absolutely hated it! It wasn't until I was 15 years old, 298lbs. that I decided it was time to do something about it. Would you know I was so desperate to lose weight that I looked into all sorts of different diet programs. Most of them were just plain disgusting and there was no way I could ever commit to the program long enough to get the promised results.

Now with that said, I quickly realized that losing weight fast was actually quite simple, not easy! As a matter of fact, losing weight is not what people are really looking to do. Sure you might think it is at first, but it really isn't. What you are really wanting to do is lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF! Ahhhh, do you see where I am going with this now?

Think about it like this. Let us say you drink a lot of soda. If all you did was replace your soda with water, by simply eliminating the sugars and calories from your soda habit, you will begin to lose weight. Same would be true for the late night ice cream addict! (I know, that was me! Cookies N' Cream baby...)

The issue with most of these diets, weight loss systems, etc. is they promise "Fast Weight Loss." And, most of them do work. However, just as quickly as you lose the weight, you gain it all back, and then some! The reason is because most of these ads are designed to get you to buy for the immediate reward of losing weight. What they fail to tell you is after you lose 20lbs in 20 days there is more work on your part that still needs to be done!

What have I learned about effectively losing weight, AND KEEPING IT OFF?

Using a system, or program, to kick start your weight loss is a great idea. However, after you lose that 15 or 20lbs FAST, you will then need to continue adapting to your new lifestyle. You will become more aware of the foods you are eating. Exercise will become something you enjoy to do versus dreading to do. That system or program you used to kick start your weight loss will more than likely become a maintenance program and products you will grow accustom to eating month after month.

I always chuckle when people say, "After I use this system to lose weight, will I have to continue on the products?" For me the answer is really in the question. Think about it, if it took "these products" for you to lose weight, wouldn't it make sense that you should probably consider continuing their use in order to maintain the weight as well? Of course you won't have to be near as strict to maintain as you were to initially lose the weight.

Too many people who are overweight decide to change something in their lifestyle to lose weight. Then, after they lose the weight, return to their old lifestyle again. If what you used to do was responsible for your being overweight in the first place, what is the expected result should you return to that lifestyle again after losing the weight? Pretty obvious right?

Now don't get me wrong I am not trying to offend anyone. Losing weight is simple, not easy. Getting a fast start is simple, however, long term weight loss and maintenance is not easy. It will require time, commitment, consistency, self discipline and perseverance. If you are serious about losing weight, improving your health, and making significant changes to your lifestyle in order to maintain long term results, we recommend nutritional cleansing.

Cleansing will not only kick start your weight loss quickly, however, once you adopt the cleansing lifestyle you will be able to maintain your results long term, and that is what we are all really wanting!

Weight loss is not a quick fix, it will require a new lifestyle!

Live Healthy!

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