What You Need to Know About Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Over many decades, people have tried almost every possible way to lose those extra pounds. If you're one of those who have tried everything and nothing seems to work, then there is another exciting option for you. Have you ever tried self hypnosis for weight loss?

Self hypnosis has worked for many people, but unfortunately it does not work for everyone. In saying this, self hypnosis for weight loss has a high enough success rate to make it a viable weight loss strategy.

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Now, as intriguing as this sounds, there are two sides to this method that you should be aware of. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of using self hypnosis for weight loss.

Pro: Self Hypnosis will not require special equipment.

Well, the obvious one is that as you are doing the hypnosis yourself, you won't need a hypnotist! Unlike most weight loss programs, self hypnosis requires nothing more but you and your belief. However, it is advisable if this is your first time at self hypnosis for weight loss, that you visit a hypnotherapist in order to become familiar with the process.

If you are also new to diet and exercise, the benefits far outweighs the cost to consult a doctor and a nutritionist to put together a healthy eating and exercise plan that's right for you. Combined with the self hypnosis for weight loss method, you are on the right path to slimming down at an accelerated rate.

Pro: Self hypnosis is an established self-help mechanism.

Over the years, hypnosis has been used to help in the recovery of lost memories, to helping people kick the habit of smoking. Fans swear by it, but many people are still very skeptical of its merits. Regardless of whether you're a fan or a skeptic, one thing's is certain: Self hypnosis has helped thousands of people lose weight and will continue to help thousands more.

Although it is not really understood why self hypnosis for weight loss works, if you speak to someone who has used self hypnosis to lose weight, you will likely be told that it worked for them after everything else failed. Such stories are still common, even to this day.

Con: It's not scientifically proven.

Although numerous studies have been conducted, they have consistently failed to find a definitive link between Self hypnosis and weight loss. As with the results seen through medical trials, it is thought that some people experience a placebo like effect during these studies. The thinking goes, if you believe it will bring great results, then the power of the mind will make it so.

The important thing to remember is that many people attribute reaching their weight loss goals to self hypnosis. All methods they have tried in the past have been unsuccessful, but finally managed to use self hypnosis for weight loss. For these individuals, the benefits of self hypnosis are very real.

The principle of belief is a key component of the Law of Attraction, also known as the Secret. Followers of this method maintain that if you believe something is real, it will eventually become real. For example, if you believe you will be wealthy through smart investment and financial choices, you will most certainly become wealthy. If you believe you will reach your weight targets and make wise food choices, more often than not you will reach those targets.

Con: It doesn't work for everyone.

For whatever reason, some people just can't be hypnotized. For those of you that have difficulty entering into an altered state of mind, you will need to try and relax by doing visualization exercises. Yoga can help immensely we with visualization. With practice, you learn how to control your breathing, clear your mind, and focus on a goal you set for yourself. Once you have mastered relaxation and visualization, self hypnosis should not be far behind!

If after reading this, you're serious trying self hypnosis for weight loss, look online for a detailed tutorial to help you get started. Alternatively, you should have no trouble finding information that will take you step by step through the process at your local library or book store.

If you've used other weight loss methods previously and they haven't worked for you, you might want to give self hypnosis a try. It's harmless, and you never know - it just might work!

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