Weight Loss Workout Program: Key Steps to an Effective Program

You can still fit in an effective weight loss workout program into your daily routine

Having a well defined weight loss workout program is important for anyone who wants to lose weight. Due to the modern hectic lifestyle that everybody has adopted, the level of fitness levels have gone down leading to weight gain and a higher frequency of weight related diseases. If you are looking at losing weight there are several things you must take note of in order to stay on track.

Manage your time

Having limited time to exercise is one of the major restrictions to people completing their weight loss workout program. It would be correct to say that virtually everybody is aware of the benefits of a rigorous exercise program. The problem is the competing interests and demands that characterize present day lifestyles.

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For this reason, developing a 45 minute exercise regime that you can undertake in the comfort of your home is particularly convenient. If you do this three to five times each week, it will not be long before you start to notice a significant change in your weight. You can source for assistance from a fitness instructor on what are the important aspects of a weight loss workout program so you are certain you do not over do or under do a particular exercise.

Always strive to exercise in the early morning because it is easy to embark on a task when you wake up in the morning. It is also more predictable and you have more control of the morning than you do of the evening (e.g. your may be required to work late an entire week and so may not be able to make an evening exercising schedule). You could wake up an hour earlier so that your normal day hours are not affected. By exercising in the morning, your energy and productivity levels for the day receive a tremendous boost.

Incorporate weight and intensity training into your program

Weight training is effective in losing weight. This is contrary to what many weight loss programs advice. The fact is that the amount of body muscle you have has a direct correlation to the amount of fat your body uses up daily. The use of weights increases the effectiveness of your weight loss workout program and increases body metabolism as your body muscles grow. Research has shown that for every half kilogram of trim muscle your body has it burns 50 calories. Weight training sessions should be intense and should not be more than 45 minutes. Have rest periods between weight training sets.

One should also strive to incorporate interval training into your weight loss workout program. This is a type of cardio that increases your body's ability to burn excess fat. It is effectively a cycle of exercises done in succession - for instance, running, then brisk walking and then cycling. This type of exercise program makes subjects your body to high energy training sessions. Each short high intensity exercise must be followed by a rest and recovery intervals. Interval intensity training can be one of the most effective aspects of a weight loss workout program.


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